Our Electrologists

All of our electrologists are professional, experienced, and very friendly :)

CPE Janice, 

California licentiate electrologist for los angeles and orange county, member of AEA, EAC

Janice Bixler, C.P.E.

30 years of Electrolysis experience.

A member of AEA & EAC since 1983.

She was on the board of EAC for several years.

She taught electrolysis at AIE for 9 years.

Treatments: Electrolysis

Electrologist Jamie, los angeles and orange 


Jamie Bixler, L.E., L.A.

23 years of electrolysis experience

22 years of skin care experience

Treatments: Electrolysis, Facial

Electrologist Jackie, los angeles and 

orange county

Jackie Wadhwa, L.E., L.A.

14 years of electrolysis experience

14 years of esthetics experience

Member of AEA & EAC

Treatments: Electrolysis, Facial

Electrologist Theresa, los angeles and 

orange county

Theresa Tran, L.E., L.A.

4 years of Electrolysis experience

8 years of experience as Lash Stylist

Treatment: Electrolysis

Services: Eyelash Extensions

Electrologist Bethany, los angeles and orange 


Bethany Abbott, L.E.

2 years of Electrolysis experience

Former student member of EAC

B.A. in Global and International studies/Pre-med from University of California Santa Barbara

Treatments: Electrolysis

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janice american electrology association member certified professional electrologist

janice certified 

professional electrologist in los angeles and orange county

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