Electrology is the practice of electrical hair removal to permanently remove human hair. The actual process of removing the hair is referred to as electrolysis. Common electrology Modalities are: Short-wave (Thermolysis), Galvanic, and Blend

Short-wave (Thermolysis)

Thermolytic or shortwave method works by heating the hair matrix cells to about 118°F and desctolying them, using a radio transmitter that emanates from the probe tip to tissue within about a millimeter.


Galvanic method delivers a positive ground power of 0-3 milliamperes kills the hair matrix cells


Combined methods of Thermolysis and Galvanic


Electrology is for everyone

Many men and women seek electrolysis not only as a soluton to the problem of unacceptable hair growth, but also as a convenience that frees them from the daily effort of maintaining a hair free look on most of the face and body. For many, electrolysis becomes a necessity, especially for those who are discouraged with the unsuccessful results of temporary hair removal methods.

History of Electorology

In 1875, Dr. Charles E. Michel first descovered and prefected the process of electorolosis.

Electrology is the science of permanent hair removal

Electrology is the science of permanent hair removal using state-of-the-art technology. A minute amount of electricity is gently applied to the base of the hair follicle and destroys the hair growth tissue.

Electrology over other hair removal methods

If you want permanent hair removal, electrology is the only way to achieve this goal.


Electrolysis: For most women, unwanted hair on chin, bikini lines, and upper lips can be an annoying and embarrassing problem. Electrolysis is very a effective and relatively painless way to get rid of these hairs for good. Electrolysis is a process in which electricity is used to deaden hair follicles, rendering them incapable of producing more hair. The hair is completely destroyed with a small amount of discomfort. "Severe pain is unnecessary," says Janice Bixler of Electrolysis by Janice in Fullerton. Although the treatment is somewhat uncomfortable, the reward of smooth, stubble-free chins, upper lips, brows and underarms seems well worth it. "The selection of an electrologist should be made with as much care as that of choosing a doctor or dentist," continues Bixler. Offices should be clean and the electrologist should be a member of a local, state or national Electrologist Association. These associations provide the practitioner with up-to-date information on the latest methods in electrolysis. Bixler also encourages people ot take advantage of complimentary consultations offered by electrologists, to check out the office and ask questions you may have about the procedures.



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